Mattresses at Mattress Emporium

Buying local has always been important to Dave & Zach Byers, owners of Mattress Emporium. At Mattress Emporium we value this greatly. Sealy & Stearns & Foster are made less than 2 hours from our store. It is the closest mattress factory that there is. In addition, this same Medina factory won the best Sealy/Stearns factory of the entire country last year. This is a very prestigious award that all the factories compete hard for. This says a lot about its quality.

Important to know is that the Sealy Hybrid and Stearns & Foster are only made by the top 20% of the workers at this best factory in the United States. This is an amazing plus for customers insisting on the highest quality products.

Sealy Posturepedic has been in business since 1881. They have seen many fads come and go. But still to this day, they continue to put out top quality mattresses year after year which has made them America's favorite mattress. Mattress Emporium is your solution to getting a good night's rest on America's Favorite mattress. An enormous selection, trained sleep experts, great customer service and the lowest prices guaranteed.

Why Mattress Emporium?

Fair question. Why is Mattress Emporium the place for you to get your new mattress? First, experience. Our owner Dave Byers has been in the bedding industry since 1990. He owned a chain of mattress stores that he sold at the start of 2001 to move his family back home to Ohio. He has experience with many different manufacturers, toured many manufacturing plants, has gone through endless training of mattress design, mattress manufacturing, sleep studies and technology and more. He has unparalleled experience in comparing one mattress brand to another and getting his customers the very best prices from companies. Born and raised in Ohio he owns Mattress Emporium with his son Zach and his daughter Amanda helps in advertising and promotion as well as on the sales floor.

Mattress Emporium is a family-owned and operated business where the owners are in the store and are extremely interested in serving it's customers nothing but the highest service and quality. At Mattress Emporium we use locally made products also to help our local economy and keep jobs local.

Simply the lowest prices on apples to apples comparison. We have the lowest prices when you look at a comparison of products. We don't have the high overhead that furniture stores have and we sell name brand items at lower prices than the "Bargain Lot's" of the world that actually doesn't have the same quality inside. We all need rest. Your satisfaction means a lot to us at Mattress Emporium.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Speaking of satisfaction, we have a "You're going to love it policy" exclusively found at Mattress Emporium due to our buying power and negotiations with our manufacturers. What that means to you is you're not going to get stuck with a mattress you don't like. That's not the case at most of our competitors. Stop in today and we'll cover that and show you our tremendous selection.

Selection. Speaking of selection, we have an enormous selection to choose from. People ask "how do I know which is the right one for me? Stop in and give us some time. Give us 30 minutes or so to educate you on the different types of mattresses and have you actually try different types. Most stores don't have anywhere near the variety that we carry. This ensures that you 've tried all that's available because "we're all different" and one mattress in a box, or on a cute internet or tv commercial simply doesn't work for everyone. We'll find the mattress that works the best "for you" and that gives "you" the support and comfort "you" are looking for. So how do you know? You become educated and you try different options. We'll help you with that, it's our job.

Quality. Sealy Posturepedic and Stearns & Foster are both industry standards in bedding. They've been around for over a hundred years each. They're not the latest internet marketing sensation. They've had decades and decades of research and development poured into these mattresses so that you can get the rest you need every night. That's why the Sealy Posturepedic and Sealy Hybrid's just won the JD Power awards for the best mattress and you'll also find them winning the consumers reports awards as well.

We can go on and on, but we'll ask you to stop in and see us. We're located in the DC Music Store Plaza on Rt170 Calcutta, Ohio. The adrress is 15765 State Route 170, Calcutta, Ohio. We have Dunham's Sporting goods, the post office, JoAnne Fabric and Goodwill in our plaza. Call 330-932-1082 if you need more assistance also. Our hours are 10-8 ever day but Sunday which is 11-4.