Livingroom Furniture

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We carry a wide assortment of recliners, lift chairs, sofas, love seats and more. We've carefully chosen our main brand as Ort Furniture. Ort Furniture is hand made in Salem Ohio for more than 50 years with the old school / old fashioned way just like we like it. You won't find a higher quality chair than Ort. Franklin is also an old manufacturer that we love to partner with. Quality chairs available in many styles.

We will be posting many images and much more information soon, but stop by and see the new line that just arrived!

Most models are all available as a basic recliner, wall hugger, swivel, left chair etc. Plus, instead of the typical narrow choice of 4 fabrics, you can choose from over 50 different fabrics for any chair. Ort doesn't limit you like other chair companies do. They also don't cut corners like so many chair companies have been doing over the years. You'll find their quality to be outstanding.

In addition, they do their repairs in house rather than farming out warranty work to outside companies like most furniture companies do. Why? No one knows their furniture like they do and they insist on making the correct repair for their products and attaining the highest customer satisfaction.

Now you know why we like Ort Furniture so much. Franklin chairs offer us even more options with their wide range of chairs. Their assortment covers lift chairs and many options at low, mid and top of the line pricing.

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